Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Surrogacy Agency

I take a deep breath as I write because the subject of opening and running a surrogacy agency or matching service sure can't be fit into a couple of simple paragraphs. I, along with my business partner, have run Surrogacy Consultants of Florida for over 5 years. In fact, even though we were no longer taking on new clients we still ran the company for over a year after the 'doors were closed'. The fact is that once you are committed to your clients and they have paid for your services you, the agency, are obligated to stay on the job until the last person has completed the surrogacy program. Whether they become pregnant with the surrogate they were matched with or tried 3 or 4 IVF cycles and decided to move on, the agency is responsible to be there and supportive every step of the way. At least that is how SCF worked.

Starting a company that works so intimately with people is a huge responsibility. You can't open the doors one day and make all kinds of promises and then the next decide that its too hard, too time consuming, doesn't fit into your long term goals, not making you enough money...whatever.....because even if you have signed on one client you have an obligation to follow through. Those IP's are counting on you to help them have a baby. They paid you, they poured out their story, relived their grief, derived some hope from your program and don't want to waste another minute looking yet again for someone else to help them make their dreams come true. They wanted that baby yesterday!

So if you are thinking of starting an agency please keep in mind that this is a service based business and what are you "selling"? Your word of honor, your expertise and experience, your connections and networking skills, your ability to attract qualified women who want to be surrogates into your matching program and your willingness to be available 24/7. (and that's just naming a few of the IP expectations....the surrogates come with a list as well)

I feel that if everyone knows what is happening behind the scenes it's easier to know what type of agency you need to assist you. What you can expect and when, perhaps, those expectations are too high. Of course I am basing my entries on my personal experiences. My way doesn't mean that other ways are not just as effective. All comments are appreciated!

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