Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Join Me, Sharon LaMothe, at SMART ART XI in Las Vegas! There is Still Time!

Good news! Due to very recent cancellations, registration has reopened for additional nurses to attend the August 5-7 SMART ART XI CNE meeting. If you have colleagues and friends who had hoped to attend but thought missed the registration deadline, now is their opportunity to register. The registration website is www.123enroll.com/SMARTART.

Additional good news: the room block at the special negotiated rate has been extended through Monday July 26th. If you have not yet made hotel reservations, take advantage of these special rates and register by Monday July 26. A direct link... to reservations at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel is available on the registration website at www.123enroll.com/SMARTART. Enter the group code smasmaa to receive the discounted rate of $109 + tax. Reservations can also be made by calling toll free 800-750-0980 or locally 702-784-5700. Refer to the SMART ART Room Block. Book soon - after July 26, any remaining rooms in the SMART ART room block must be released.

Sharon LaMothe

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silent Words That Work By Will Craig

We live in a culture that supports the tennis-volley-approach to conversation: 'You say something, and quickly, I say something next.' This happens almost without pause or without us taking a breath.

We are all guilty of formulating what we are going to say next, even before the person speaking stops sharing their thoughts. What if the words you did not speak were more powerful than the words you did speak?

Here's a challenge for you: Get comfortable with being still. Don't be afraid of silence. When you get good at this, the quality of your coaching improves. Don't be afraid of the struggle your client may be going through during the silence in your coaching sessions.

Quiet moments provide the ideal environment for growth and insight. Silence is where some of the best growth happens and when some of the best insights appear that would have otherwise been missed during our chatter.

Without having to work very hard—and by just settling into the silence—your client can suddenly leap into a new frame of mind. Perhaps this is all they need to feel your time together has been well spent.

Silence is Golden

Building on this same idea, the "silent words" you say to yourself are extremely powerful. How might you benefit yourself and your clients with these strategies? This week, turn silence into gold!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 Ways to Get Your Comments Blocked or Deleted From Daily Blog Tips

Leaving comments on other blogs is one of the most efficient ways to promote your own blog, and to network with fellow readers and blog owners.

Given the rise of blog spam, however, getting your comments approved is not as easy as it sounds. Below you’ll find 10 ways to get your comments blocked or deleted (so yeah, avoid them if you can).

1. Use a keyword as your name

The field “Name” on the comment form refers to your name. It doesn’t refer to your blog name, and it certainly doesn’t refer to keyword you are trying to optimize for. Writing something like “John Doe – CarsBlog.com” is fine for most blog owners, but “Cheap Car Parts” would flag you as spam from miles away.

2. Use sensitive keywords in your comment

Even if you comment is a legitimate one, you should avoid using sensitive keywords like viagra, loans, and blackjack, because the spam filter of the blog will probably block your comment.

3. Use HTML to make your comment stand out

Sure, you want to make sure that people will read your comment and visit your blog after that, but don’t try to achieve that by using the bold or italic typefaces throughout your comment.

4. Write in capital letters

The same is true for writing in CAPITAL LETTERS. The analogy for this would be people trying to have a nice conversation while you come screaming at them with your thoughts on the issue. The blog owner will probably just delete your comment.

5. Write a one-line comment

Maybe you are in a hurry, maybe you just want to get a link back to your blog. Either way, if all you write is “Great post!” or “I will certainly try to use that information!”, there are good chances that your comment will be deleted.

6. Write a comment before reading the post

If it becomes clear to the blog owner that you wrote your comment without even reading or understanding his post, he’ll probably just delete it. Even if he approves your comment you’ll look a bit stupid, so make sure to read the post before commenting.

7. Include a link to a dubious page in your comment

Including a link to a related post inside your comment is usually fine. However, you should clarify where the link is pointing to. If the blog owner gets suspicious about the link he’ll probably just delete the whole comment to be on the safe side.

8. Include a second link to your site at the end of your comment

Most blog platforms allow you to include the URL of your website when leaving a comment, and that URL will be used to link your name to your site. Some people, however, like to reinforce that by signing-off their comments with their name and with a second link to their sites. Needless to say this practice makes the comment look spammy.

9. Use foul language in your comment

Expressing your opinion is fine, but don’t include foul language in your comment, even if you are upset or annoyed by something in the post. This is one of the quickest ways to get your comment deleted.

10. Attack the author or other commenters

Criticism is fine, and even appreciated by most bloggers. Personal attacks and confrontations, however, will only make you sound like a troll, reducing the chances of getting your comments approved.

What else would you add to this list?