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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sexism in America: Alive, Well, And RUNING OUR FUTURE by Barbra J. Berg, Ph.D.: A LaMothe Book Review

I received Sexism in America: Alive, Well, And RUNING OUR FUTURE by Barbra J. Berg, Ph.D. before Christmas for review and honestly didn’t see how it would change anything about me or the way I see my daughter’s rights, her peers, my mother’s upbringing or our political past, present or future. We teach equality in our home already. My husband does laundry and dishes, I mow the lawn, and we work together on projects like cleaning out the garage or planning a party. Row vs Wade is alive and well…what did I need to know? Boy was I wrong on all counts! Sexism in America is well written, well researched and pages 325-412 documents everything Barbara Berg writes about in previous chapters regarding women’s rights in the 20th century.

Sexism in America reveals both the cultural and structural sexism that prevails despite previous victories, taking readers, like me, through a comprehensive exposé of the battles women still face in order to achieve true equity.

• The incredible disparities in cost of women’s health insurance versus men’s, the revamped war on reproductive freedom, and why the US is considered 31st in world gender equity

• The rise of infant mortality rates, teen pregnancy, heart disease and diabetes in women, as well as sexually transmitted infections among adolescent girls

• The rampant workplace discrimination that women, especially mothers face, and the wage gap between men & women that begins immediately after college and grows over time

• The pervasive sexism in popular culture beginning with male characters dominating 85% of speaking parts in G-rated children’s movies to increasingly violent and accessible internet pornography

What was also incredible to me were some of the comments made by doctors, politicians and leaders whom we (once) trusted to care about the rights and health of women in America.

• Regarding Birth Control “We will never give over the control of our numbers to the women, themselves. What? Let them control the future of the human race?” (Male physician talking with Margaret Sanger)

• Regarding Miscarriage “There are two types of habitual miscarries: the basically immature woman or the frustrated independent woman.” (1977 medical text book)

• Child Care “Child care threatens family stability by encouraging women to work and encouraging a communal approach to childrearing.” (President Nixon)

• Equal Rights (Falwell) wanted to “bury Equal Rights Amendment once and for all in a deep, dark grave.”

Yes, there is PLENTY more to make your blood boil that happened in the PAST but it’s the future we need to worry about. Chapters on Clinton, Bush and comments on Obama are all included as well as what girls are facing now….body image, education, and career opportunities all still not equal to boys/men. Did you know of the hidden provision in Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 REQUIRES all public schools to provide the military with personal data on their students including birthdates, social security numbers, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and grade point averages? Equipped with this information, recruiters can bypass parents and contact the students directly.

If I didn’t say it before, Sexism in America: Alive, Well, And RUNING OUR FUTURE by Barbra J. Berg, Ph.D. needs to be put on your MUST READ list. Once you do I will be very interested to hear your comments!