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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Running Your Surrogacy/Egg Donation Agency: Your Phone System

So you have your intake forms ready for people who find your number on your web site....and they call you....on what phone? Your home phone? Your cell phone with that catchy little hip hop beat? or are you installing a separate line or using an answering service? Let me start out by stating you had better NOT be using your home phone number! NO NO NO! Hard to get any more unprofessional then having your 5 year old run to the phone when it rings and yell MOOOOOOMMMMM all through the house to get your attention. Ahhh NO!

The cell? I personally like the business cell phone method. You can carry your 'office' phone in your pocket and won't have to miss a call. You may start to refer to it as your ball and chain but that is how things are when you start up your own company anyway! You are always tied to it! Back to the phone. IF you are going to use the cell....or a second line for that matter, I assume you will have voice mail. Do not have anything on that voice mail recording but YOUR pleasant and professional voice giving out directions on how to leave you a message so you can get back to them ASAP! Voice Mail is the perfect place to make a short and sweet plug for your business as well: "Thank you for calling ABC Surrogacy Services, A full service matching and relationship management company! We are sorry that we can't take your call right now but if you will please leave your name, message, number and a good time to return your call, we WILL get back with you as soon as possible." (here you can leave a notice if you have one) "Please note that we are closed this Monday for Memorial Day." (or whatever) Simple and effective. With unlimited plans out there, this is a very cost effective way to work.

Why not try a professional answering service. This service would be real people picking up your calls and then forwarding them onto you...they act like they work in your office for you and gives that big business feel. I am not sure that I would recommend the expense for a start up but if you have no partner this might be helpful.

Any of these ideas are a home office/Tax write off...which is something you need to take into consideration when you are setting up your business.