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Monday, February 7, 2011

Website Building, Size Matters: Tips on Font, Color and Text Size

It's the little things that people over look when they are building their own website like text, size and color of the font. You have to take into consideration the "mood" of your website and who your target audience is. These will be the customers reading all about you and your fantastic business! Some fonts come across more casual where others are more formal. Most do it yourself website builders have a large array of fonts to chose from. Do not fall into the habit of mixing your fonts just because you can. It makes your content harder to read and may send a mixed message. (Indecisive anyone?)

I can not stress how important readability is for your website. Contrast is very important so you need to assess your background color compared to your font color. Size is a big factor as well so please stay away from tiny font. Anything over 10 point is good but I really like to use size 12.

You can have color in your eCommerce website builder you just need to use it in the 'right' way. It can help establish your identity especially if it matches the colors used in your other marketing tools/materials such as your logo, business cards and brochures. You can also use color (and font styles such as bold) in your website to highlight important information for your visitors.

The great thing about designing and building your own website is that you are in full control and its your personality alone that will shine through as you add pages, photos and articles for your visitors to read and then, hopefully, be inspired to connect with you.