Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to School

We are all learning from life every day and so I thought I would post the article below...In the field of reproductive technology even the professionals are learning every day...there are no degrees for agency owners (Surrogacy, Egg Donation) for example. Those who run agency's in the US are not licence or certified. However we hope that will change in the near future with seminars, classes and online modules to assist professionals working within the infertility industry to better serve their clients. It's never too late to learn....or to teach!

Sharon LaMothe
LaMothe Services, LLC
Back To School
by Will Craig
The kids are back in school. Are you?

We live in a knowledge-powered economy and if we're not continually upgrading our capabilities we become obsolete. The good news is the educational choices we make at 18 don't need to be hard and fast choices we're stuck with for a lifetime.

You can choose to look at lifelong learning as the homework assignment that never goes away. Or, you can choose to look at it as an essential strategy for living long and living well.

I'm not suggesting you must go to college to gain the necessary knowledge. What college did do for me was make me recognize that organized learning, whether in traditional schools or through condensed courses and teleclasses, would significantly shorten my learning curve.

"Don't let your schooling interfere with your education."
- Mark Twain

Had I to do it all over again I might choose a succession of bite-sized learning opportunities in the specific areas of my interest (recognizing those change over time). Short-term, condensed educational programs have become more available and recognized as an efficient way to gain specific expertise in less time without spending your life's savings on a long program.

Learning does not take place in a box we call a classroom or in a hotel conference room. We learn more, we learn better, and we learn faster by doing and being actively involved. How are you upgrading your knowledge and abilities?

Will Craig is President of Coach Training Alliance and holds a Masters Degree in Education and Human Development. He is co-author of the #1 best-selling coaching home study course, the Coach Training Accelerator.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Background Checks...A Necessary Tool

Background checks are so important when you are screening Intended Parents and Surrogates. The IP's want to make sure that their surrogate has no DUI's or criminal activity in their past and the Surrogates want to be reassured that their Intended Parents don't have any child molestation or abandonment issues in their past. The form below is a sample. I suggest that you find a professional outfit to run your background checks for you. You can build in the cost into your agency fees.

Sharon LaMothe
Infertility Answers, Inc.
LaMothe Services, LLC


1) Signing this authorizes a background check.

2) You may not be offered entrance into or Surrogacy or Egg Donation Program based on it.

3) You can review the report and dispute errors prior to official turndown.

LAST NAME FIRST MIDDLE NAME SOC.SEC# FULL DATE OF BIRTH ______________ ________ ________ _______ __/__/____

PRESENT Address___________________________
CITY,ST,ZIP_____________________County____________ Years_____

PRIOR Address___________________________CTY,ST,ZIP____________________

List any other counties in which you resided in
the last seven years. DRIVER LIC# _____________STATE:___ Your phone( )__________Cell _______________Home ______________Work

Other names used ____________________________

COLLEGE 1)_______________________City,ST_________________Dates(years) there: ______________DEGREE?________

2)___________________ ______________ ______________ ________

HIGH SCHOOL_____________________City,ST_________________ Dates(years) there: _______________Graduate? _________

DEGREES/LICENSES________________________YEAR EARNED_________

Name then if different ________________________________________

LIST ALL CONVICTIONS INCLUDING TRAFFIC (Indicate “M” for misdemeanor or “F” for felony. ) YR. NATURE OF OFFENSE WHERE(CITY/ST COUNTY) YR. NATURE OF OFFENSE WHERE (CITY,ST,COUNTY) 1)______ ________________ _________________ 2) ______ ________________ _________________ 3)______ ________________ _________________ 4) ______ ________________

_________________ ______________________Use space here for others: NOTE: INABILITY TO IDENTIFY YOUR PRIOR EMPLOYMENT CAN CANCEL OR DELAY PROCESS.

EMPLOYER NAME STREET CITY/ST PHONE NUMBER SUPV’R NAME DATES THERE 1)_______________________________ ________________ _____________________ ( ____)______________ ________________ FROM_______TO______ YOUR POSITION______________________EARNINGS_____________WHY LEFT?________________________CO-WORKER NAME___________________ 2)_______________________________ ________________ _____________________ ( ____)______________ ________________ FROM_______TO______ YOUR POSITION______________________EARNINGS_____________WHY LEFT?________________________CO-WORKER NAME____________________ 3)_______________________________ ________________ _____________________ ( ____)______________ ________________ FROM_______TO_______ YOUR POSITION______________________EARNINGS_____________WHY LEFT?________________________CO-WORKER NAME____________________


I hereby authorize this release to ______________. Any information held by any parties regarding my prior employment , criminal, credit, driving, workers compensation and educational history as well as information regarding my general character and reputation can be released. I release any providers of such information from any liability for providing same. I understand the information may be reviewed initially and periodically by______________. I understand that any falsification of my information may make me ineligible for the ____________ program.

Signed__________________________________ Dated_____________

Notary: ____________________________ Stamp: