Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can I Afford to Have a Website?

I am often telling new clients about products or services that will help them launch their way into cyber space and hopefully make their own business successful in the process. One of the very first things that needs to be done is build a website. Yes, you can hire someone to build a website and maintain it for you however this option could cost you thousands of dollars. If you have a little time you can build your own website and easily maintain it by yourself. Sound daunting? It really isn't with a do it youself website builder that are located all over the Internet. These are what I use when my clients hire me to put together a simple, clean and manageable website with their specific company in mind. But is it affordable? Well, let's look at what makes a website unaffordable first:

A site is unaffordable when it's difficult to update because it takes too much time to figure out how to make changes or you have to hire someone else to make each change as you add a service or product.

A site is unaffordable when it doesn't work the way it should and your visitors become frustrated or annoyed which will certinaly make them lose all interest and leave your site.

A site is unaffordable if it looks unprofessional. Remember that your website is most often the first contact your clients or customers have and the first impression needs to be professional to reflect you, your products and services and your business as a whole.

A site is unaffordable when it's not search engine friendly, because you need to be easily found.

A site is unaffordable when it does not reflect what you are trying to convey to your potential clients or customers at all times.

People hire me to help them chose an eCommerce website builder because I am so familiar with the process but you can do this yourself. In the coming weeks I am going to post some tricks and tips when building your own website and hopefully this will inspire you to raise the bar and take control of your clients online experience!

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