Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blog Post Ideas and Topics for Your Small Business Website from The Small Business Survival Guide

Having new and updated content on your website is important. We are consistently reminding small business owners of the importance of keeping a blog aspect incorporated into their site as well as adding to it on a regular basis.

At times small business owners are stumped as to what to write about. So here is a short list of possible simple topics to get you started. You will quickly notice that many posts can be written in a few minutes.

Meet one of our employees

Meet one of our customers

Here’s an upcoming event you might be interested in.

A quick tip

One of our clients sent us this photo

Something I read that you might find useful

A couple of websites that can be helpful

An industry trend we see developing

Why did we start this company.

What it is like to work for our company

Something we are doing to support our community

How our business was founded

We had a client ask us this yesterday

A new service we are offering

A new product available

How we make the ordering process simple for you.

Meet our customer support team

Find us on Facebook, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Twitter etc

Visit us at ________event

Sign up for our newsletter

In the News

I added a few more ideas but if you need more help you can contact LaMothe Services!! We can brainstorm with you!

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